Would You Like to be a Pollyanna? Play Her “Glad Game.”


The original game was played by Pollyanna in a book published by Eleanor Porter named after the character in 1913.  She decided to change her small town by playing a game that her father had taught her called “The Glad Game.”

Basically, it meant that she always found a reason to feel glad.  

For example, think of something that doesn’t give a glad feeling, then try again by rethinking the same thought by finding some part of the original thought that has a fiber of gladness.  ” I am feeling overworked, tired, and stressed out over my job, but I am truly glad that I have a job and can support myself.”  

Try this idea with yourself, then expand it to your family and friends, especially when you hear a negative thought expressed in your presence.  

The game is an experiment in which all parties playing the game can find a way to be glad.  Come and discover  some fun and enjoy.. Teach a child to play and you will learn something different.


College Degrees With the Highest Salaries in 2013


Smithsonian 003A new study just released by the National Association of Colleges and Employers tracking the highest paying college majors for the class of 2013 suggests  that fields of study in technology yield the greatest return on your tuition investment.

On the average the starting salary of most college graduates is $44, 259 from reports received regarding the class of 2012.  Below are the exceptions to the average starting salary:

1. Petroleum Engineering, $93,000

2.Computer Engineering, $71,000

3. Chemical Engineering, $67,600

4. Computer Science, $64,800

5. Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering $64,400

6. Mechanical Engineering $64,400

7. Electrical/Electronics and Communications Engineering $63,400

8. Management Information Systems/Business $63,100

9. Engineering Technology $62,500

10. Finance $57,400

One Day at the Roxy Theater

Burlesque Theater in Cleveland, Ohio

Burlesque Theater in Cleveland, Ohio



The Roxy Burlesque Theater was located in Cleveland, Ohio on East Ninth Street.  It was where I began to discover more about my sexuality as a young boy.  One day, my friends suggested that we ride the rapid transit downtown and attempt to gain admission to see a show.  Well, I found myself standing in front of the ticket counter with money in hand, and a serious face, attempting to convince the  ticket person to sell me a ticket.  It worked, we all gained admission to see the vaudevillian comedians and strippers perform on that Spring day in 1963.  While sitting in the front row, we laughed and exchanged glances between us, trying to tell ourselves that we had a right of passage to be there.  The drums rolled, the curtain went up, then this beautiful specimen of a woman danced and stripped to her bra and “g string.”  As a young boy, it was my first time seeing a real woman, it was startling, yet exciting.  She danced and moved around the stage until another young boy sitting near us caught her attention.  I looked ever so closely at his face, It was Elmer Clink.  This blond haired, blue eyed kid sat next to me in my Geometry class.  His attention was transfixed on her while his eyes were mesmerized in amazement at her statuesque presence .  The stripper stopped and spoke to him, “Son, does your mother know that you are here?”  It was as though she was speaking to all  of us that had  lied about our age to get in to see her. I felt guilt and shame, Elmer began to cry, tears were streaming down his pale white face.  He was alone, although I felt like we shared the same feelings.  We had shared this remarkable  experience although he would never know it, since I kept it a secret, I never told him about it, I wanted to save him from any future embarrassment.  I was able to put myself in Elmer’s shoes, so to speak, I was beginning to understand the human condition and more about the meaning of empathy. How has empathy played a part in your life?


My Knee Injury, Surgery, Recovery, and Return to Sports: A Case in Point



For the Love of the Game

I awoke from my knee operation wondering to myself, what now?” .

Dr. Ward of Grand Strand Orthopedics in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina had completed arthroscopic knee surgery for a meniscus tear on my knee.  The knee is one of the most commonly injured parts of the body, and the meniscus tears are often the cause of knee injuries. (www.sstrandorthopaedic.com).  His 30 years of medical experience has come to symbolize excellence among athletes and confidence among those in need of orthopedic surgery in the Grand Strand area. I highly recommend his services. Please read ” MyJournal” toward recovery and share your experiences. The meniscus is the tough, rubbery cartilage that absorbs shock between the shin bone and thigh bone and distributes weight across the knee joint.  When this cartilage tears, it can cause pain and instability in the knee joint. As, a patient and recovering athlete, I will explain how the knee injury has impacted my life and my road to recovery.  Future journal postings will create a timeline of events to share with others who are experiencing  a similar recovery. Amateur and Professional athletes are always looking for new and innovative technologies as a solution to recovery from a knee injury.  For injuries of the ligaments, muscles, and tendons, blood flow is the most critical element in rapid recovery.  Blood flow brings oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the area which are required for the body to heal itself.  Unfortunately, an injured knee at rest has a restricted blood flow but all too often also results in a small but frequent re-injury. It is from my personal experience that I want to recommend a healing solution for serious knee injuries. .knee  www.kingbrand.com is the leader healing solutions and treatment for knee injuries.. This knee wrap is a state of the art technology that uses frozen gel packs inserted into the interior of the velcro wrap system to surround the knee with 20 minutes of therapy.  Multiple gel packs are included with the wrap system which will fit universally.  I have used this system with great results, especially right after the surgery, my knee was sore and suffering from inflammation.  Currently, I use the therapy after heavy physical use of the knee.  As a caution, consult with your doctor prior to using any physical activity.  With this tool for therapy, and limited knee exercises, I am beginning my journey back to better health.