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Rey Moore, educator and writer

During one’s journey through life, there are times that try men’s souls, as well as, moments that make for unforgettable memories.  The result of these experiences have had an everlasting effect on me. When the pain and the pleasure of life’s teachings  are poured and measured into an hour glass, there are a few grains of wisdom and understanding left behind to ponder.  It is with these remaining grains of wisdom that I have embarked on this new beginning of self expression–the creation and development of a blog.  You will most probably come to the conclusion that the interests and topics of discussion here are varied in nature and scope..  It is also expected that the  range and breath of  your welcomed comments will be varied and insightful..  Your words will be seen and received as  gifts of your personal  experience that I and others will come to value over the course of this blog.  So, it is with humility, that I offer to you and yours some personal perspective{s} from my life. .

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Trained by a Teacher

  1. In honor of a gifted man with truly vulnerable insight that reaches into my heart of hearts and reminds me that it’s okay to be, do and think for ourselves. In fact each one of us has a special purpose to do just that. In that way, we all have our own individual contribution to the collective whole just by being here, breathing in and out, feeling our own sense of what is, just, within ourselves and therefore within the world we create for each other every day.
    The old bumper sticker had it right all along…if you can read this (and its multitude of meanings) thank a teacher. Especially one like this. 🙂

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