Injury and Recovery: A Journey

Faith, Hope, and a Plan

January of 2012 was the time of my knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus and remove bone chips.  Dr. Ward of Grand Strand Orthopedics was the surgeon who gave hope to a hopeless situation.  I had damaged the knee while playing the game of racket ball.  “Doc, how long before I will be able to play sports again?”

The doctor was silent and slow to respond, but when pressed for an answer, he replied, ” You will know in time.”  He alluded to the possibility of compromise in my active lifestyle.  The journey to recovery had begun.

The first year was slow and methodical, going to the gym and riding a bicycle to exercise the knee while maintaining a regime of low of impact on the knee.  I could not run or move very quickly, and agility was nonexistent. Patience and persistence was all that I had to give hope to recovery.

Eighteen months into the recovery, the knee began to get stronger, I felt a change, it felt promising.  The knee was still weak but I was walking without a limp.  The exercise and optimism continued as the recovery is now into 32 months.  The knee has improved greatly, movement has returned and the ability to run has returned  although not without great effort.  Some compromises have been adopted; no high impact sports, like basketball and racket ball are being played, and a brace is worn to support the knee while playing softball.

While playing with some limitations, there has been some successes. I have returned to playing tournament softball on the big stage.  The biggest adjustment was playing defensively  with limited quickness and strength to bolt after a ground ball traveling at 90 m.p.h. through the infield.  I have moved from the shortstop position to third base. Last weekend, I was pressed into playing shortstop in a national tournament, and helped our team in winning the American Softball Association National Championship in Burlington, N.C.  I had not played shortstop for over four years, since the injury.  It was a blessed moment, and thanks be to God, I did not let down the team.  It has been a very memorable season with the winning of games and championships.  The teams have rallied around me and given support to my situation, many times running the bases to give my knee rest and time for recovery.  Especially,  come the grueling game schedule of tournaments.

My faith in God and  in myself has provided the spiritual 2014CHChampionsWorldCup_edited-1encouragement so necessary for my recovery.

An update: Please see link below for 2014 All-American Team and selection of M.V.P.(Most Valuable Player) award under 65 AA ..



World Cup Medals with A.S.A. Medal in the center.

World Cup Medals with A.S.A. Medal in the center.

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