Recovery: 52 Days of Healing

Today, I will be seen by Dr. Ward, Grand Strand Surgeon, who performed the operation on my ailing meniscus tear.  My knee has been improving, although, I am a little impatient with my walk.  I have been unable to put much weight on it.  I have been continuing with workouts and biking to maintain my energy and fitness.  Just in the last few days, I have been limping considerably less, I remain hopeful and on target for a return to sports.  Realistically, my knee has progressive arthritis and little can be done about it.  Although,on a positive note, I had some bone spurs  removed from my knee, I do feel the difference in the freedom of movement.  Today, I will be asking some questions of the doctor.  What are the recommended exercises?  Cautions?  Pros and cons?  I will journal the results in upcoming blogs.  I am keeping my freeze wrap available to me as needed. It helps with inflammation and brings needed oxygen to the knee.  Your best wishes and positive thoughts are appreciated.